Enzyme/yeast-based prebiotic for poultry nutrition

Principal Investigator

Bogdan Slominski, University of Manitoba

Year the work was done


Overall objective

  • To investigate the potential for a combination of an existing multicarbohydrase preparation fortified with a yeast cell wall lytic activity and the yeast derived product(s) as an effective and inexpensive alternative to antibiotics.


  • Yeast cell lytic enzyme β1,3-1,6-glucanase significantly depolymerizes yeast cell wall polysaccharides resulting in the release of a variety of nutrients.
  • Enzyme/yeast-based supplementation decreased the incidence of Salmonella colonization after challenge in layers and broilers and C. perfringens challenge in broilers.
  • Enzyme/yeast-based supplementation modified the gut microbial population in broilers and improved body weight gain and feed conversion ratios in broilers and turkeys.


  • A combination of enzyme-pretreated yeast products along with a multi-carbohydrase supplement could serve as an effective and inexpensive alternative technology to replace antibiotic growth promoters in poultry feeding programs.
  • The yeast cell wall lytic enzyme β1,3-1,6-glucanase has a commercial potential.

This research applies to

Breeders, Broilers, Layers, Turkeys

This research was supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Poultry Research Council, Canadian Bio-Systems and Canola Council of Canada.