Improving foot pad quality in commercial broilers: benchmarking and practical strategies

Principal Investigator

Clover Bench, University of Alberta

Year the work was done


Overall objective

  • To determine which in-barn moisture strategies and philosophies yield the highest quality broiler foot pads, e valuate on-farm foot pad assessment techniques, and cultivate stronger communication linkages between producers, researchers and processors.


  • Wheat straw litter and litter depths were associated with higher prevalence of foot pad dermatitis.
  • On-farm self-assessment of FPD provides producers with the best means by which to monitor, mitigate, and manage important factors related to foot pad health.
  • Numerous technology transfer activities were accomplished throughout this research.


  • Inform future revisions to broiler animal care guidelines.
  • Producers are encouraged to regularly assess flocks for foot pad lesions and are to avoid the use of wheat straw as a bedding material.

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This research was supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Poultry Research Council, Lillydale Inc. and Alberta Chicken Producers.