The impact of stocking densities on performance, health and welfare in turkey hens

Principal Investigator

Karen Schwean-Lardner, University of Saskatchewan

Year the work was done


Overall objective

  • Determine the impact of graded levels of stocking density on turkey hen performance, health and welfare, and determine the peaks in performance, health and welfare parameters via regression analyses.

Specific objectives

  • The parameters evaluated will include growth, feed consumption, feed efficiency, mortality, uniformity, mobility, footpad lesion scores, breast blisters, feather condition and cleanliness, heterophil/lymphocyte ratio and behavioural observation.
  • A basic economic analysis will also be conducted, which will include poult costs, feed costs and final income based on the various densities.

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This research was supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Poultry Research Council and Aviagen.